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Mt. Princeton

I was returning from church during late Sunday morning and drove to the junction of Chaffee County Roads 339 and 326, way out west of Buena Vista. I find myself snapping this particular view of Mt. Princeton maybe every two months or so.

Because of extremely cloudy weather with the threat of thunderstorms, my friends and I passed on hiking La Plata Peak yesterday. Instead, I made the leisurely walk to Hagerman Pass, located near Turquoise Lake and west of Leadville. It was nice to get out at least!

My agenda for the week is packed. On Monday, I will spend time with friends from Bonanza, in which we will likely take the scenic drive to Cottonwood Pass and visit the St. Elmo Ghost Town. On Tuesday, I tentatively plan to hike Quandary Peak near Hoosier Pass and Breckenridge. After a work day on Wednesday, I then head to Denver where I'll be spending time with my parents all weekend. It'll be busy, but I expect it to be very enjoyable! :)

-Steve (July 22, 2007)

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