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Mt. Princeton From The Clearview Community Church Parking Lot

Mt. Princeton

I took this picture in February 2006 on a late Sunday morning after coming out of church in Buena Vista.

Depending on the angle and spot that one is viewing Mt. Princeton, this mountain can appear extremely large or "not so large" to the naked eye. In this photo, I greatly reduced the size of the photo and cropped a portion of it that showed miniscule power lines running across the plains-like base of the mountain.

Anyway, a lot more content about Mt. Princeton is coming. I have numerous digital camera photos of Mt. Princeton from all sorts of vantage points and it is my desire that would become the place for those who long to see more of this beautiful mountain. I feel so honored to live near a mountain that people will intentionally vacation in Colorado just to take in its grandeur!

Oh, and I have the Mt. Princeton Discussion Forum up and running. Check it out! -Steve :) (April 4, 2006)

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