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Fall Foliage Is Showing On Mt. Princeton

Mt. Princeton in Colorado

There have been grayish clouds hovering over Mt. Princeton all day today, which has been quite frustrating for me as a photographer. There is some orange foliage on the side of the mountain, but because the lighting is so poor, it has been difficult to really capture the beauty of it. As I have today, tomorrow I will be walking outside my cabin every couple of hours to check the status of the mountain. Hopefully I'll get a clearer and sharper photo of good ol' Mt. Princeton soon.

You can see the latest page I made about the large barbeque my friends and I enjoyed in Maysville (six miles west of Poncha Springs) at this link: Barbeque In Maysville. Also, check out my early autumn pictures inside Cottonwood Canyon from this morning too! ;)

-Steve (September 10, 2006)

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