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Parcel For Sale In Buena Vista, Colorado

Mt. Princeton, Colorado

I had a short window of time to get out of my office and drove west of Buena Vista for today's Mt. Princeton photo. I entered into a new subdivision named Falcon Ranch, a new road that intersects Chaffee County Road 339 near the drive-in theater. I drove to the end of the cul de sac and captured the beautiful view of Mt. Princeton from the edge of Lot #5 at 16607 Talons Way. I do not engage in much direct promotion of real estate on this web site, but oh heck, I guess I was feeling generous and included the sign of the realtors.

I have been somewhat stuck with my ongoing writings. I did finish a short article about what I brought with me on my bike trip. Oh ... tomorrow two friends and I will be hiking the Poplar Gulch Trail in St. Elmo. It should be fun! :)

-Steve (June 24, 2008)

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