Mt. Princeton
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"Loose Extras"

July Sunset

Purple Sky
Purple Sky

Summer Morning
Summer Morning

Balloona Vista 2006
Balloona Vista

Mt. Princeton Sunset
Mt. Princeton Sunset

Mt. Princeton
Mt. Princeton

Summer Sunset
Johnson Village
Trail West

Tax Blues 2006
Bald Mountain
Snow Covered
Park County, CO
Game Trail Development
Antero And Princeton
C.R. 306
Controlled Burn
Collegiate Peaks Overlook
Johnson Village #1
County Road 306
Above Timberline #1
Trail West
Prescribed Burn
Nathrop Horse Ranch
Bernie, Kelly & Nick
April Snowstorm
Tigger Peak & Summit
Chalk Cliffs
Industrial Area
Continental Divide
North View
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Collegiate Peaks Evening Cottonwoods October 1, 2006

Maxwell Park
Maxwell Park

Above Timberline #2
Mt. Princeton

Mt. Princeton Snow
Mt. Princeton

Coyote Cantina

Down The Pass

Scanga Ranch Tree

Mt. Yale Summit

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