Mt. Princeton
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Photo of Mt. Princeton Coming Down Trout Creek Pass

Mt. Princeton

I have photographed Mt. Princeton countless times from numerous angles during every season, but this photo is arguably one of my all-time favorite shots of this mountain!

If Mt. Princeton is notoriously known for anything, it is known for its stunning display to drivers who are coming down from Trout Creek Pass, heading westbound towards Johnson Village and Buena Vista. On a few bends and curves, the mountains looks just gigantic!

I snapped this shot in December 2005 and well, the photo kind of speaks for itself. I've actually set this shot to many friends who live outside Colorado who have never really seen the Rocky Mountains close up, and the feedback I always seem to get is one of shock and awe.

Just imagine what Buena Vista would be like without Mt. Princeton's imposing presence. Enough said! -Steve ;)

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