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Mt. Princeton

While it is true I have been sick for much of the week and when I have been fortunate to get out the skies have been horribly overcast, this is beginning to feel like a "Mt. Princeton slump" of late. Thank the heavens for the many extra Mt. Princeton photos in my computer folders! :)

I do not know too much about this photo except to say it was taken in November 2005 on Chaffee County Road 328 near Buena Vista. Looking at the accompanying photos from the day, I paid a visit to Leadville and Twin Lakes and snapped a few nice shots of Mt. Elbert. Perhaps I'll have to create another web site dedicated to Mt. Elbert to show it off ... Naaaaaaaaah! ;)

Today I did take a quick ride over Cottonwood Pass and spent some time at the Stage Stop Meadows Area in Gunnison County. It was no big deal really. Like I said, I have been sick and it was good therapy just to get out! :)

-Steve (August 5, 2006)

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