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The Useless Deer Of Buena Vista, Colorado

Colorado Deer

Above is a photo of three deer running on the edge of Chaffee County Road 306. Buena Vista has always had a large deer population, and they are so common it's rare that a day goes by that I don't see them. Have you ever seen my video titled Snow in Buena Vista? You can see deer in that one!

I have lived here for 4+ years and I have hit two deer with motor vehicles. I slammed one really hard as it stupidly darted in front of me as I was coming down from Cottonwood Pass on a summer evening. This was with my 1993 Honda Accord, and there was no damage to my car. I also pummeled a deer who like the first, ran in front of me on Highway 24 north of Granite. This second collision did major damage to the vehicle, but thankfully, it was a company car.

It's a nice picture, isn't it? The middle and right deer are completely in the air! :)

-Steve (March 22, 2010)

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