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My Friend's 1978 Datsun Flatbed Truck

Datsun Truck

It has been mainly overcast these last few days, but this evening I had an excuse to photograph Mt. Princeton anyway. My friend Chris loaned me his 1978 Datsun Flatbed Truck and I took it to the Chaffee County Rodeo Grounds for a photo-op. Mt. Princeton is in the background. ;)

By the way, I did make it to Aspen and some areas west of there. I made numerous pictorials: Redstone, Colorado Aspens, Hays Creek Falls, Marble, Independence Ghost Town and a mix of Colorado scenery photos.

Everyone have a wonderful Fourth of July, and please don't forget those who are serving overseas in our military right now. We have so much to be grateful for living in this great land!

-Steve (July 3, 2006)

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