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Mt. Princeton From The Coyote Cantina Parking Lot

Mt. Princeton

Here's a Mt. Princeton photo I took this morning from the Coyote Cantina parking lot in Johnson Village. The snow is starting to looking increasingly scarce up there on the mountain, although I'm sure there will be more snow coming down before the spring is over.

Recently I have considered creating a similar web site for Mt. Yale and Mt. Antero, the two neighboring 14ers north and south of Mt. Princeton respectively. Heh heh! I have found this web site to be so easy to update and quite enjoyable that why not have "picture of the day" web sites for Mt. Yale and Mt. Antero too? For now, I'm tinkering with the idea, but I make no promises. ;)

Here in Buena Vista, a few campers have been arriving. The summer river rafting workers have been slowly moving in. I have even noticed more of the Christian camp college kids around town and on the trails. You know what all this means? Summer is coming soon! :)

-Steve (April 27, 2006)

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