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On The Continental Divide Trail At Cottonwood Pass


During the late morning, I hiked a short portion of the Continental Divide Trail at Cottonwood Pass. I went about one mile south of Cottonwood Pass and enjoyed an unnamed 12,500 foot summit with views of the Rocky Mountains in all directions. It was just wonderful! You can see all of my photos at this link: Continental Divide Trail.

The photo above was taken looking east towards the Chaffee County side of Cottonwood Pass, and Mt. Princeton is the peak to the left. I am telling you, the views up there ... I could probably ramble on about just how wonderful Colorado is in the summer! ;)

Everyone have a wonderful weekend. Tomorrow morning I have a buddy from Colorado Springs coming out and we plan to hike into Mayflower Gulch, a very scenic area in the Ten Mile range, located south of Fremont Pass and north of Copper Mountain. Should be fun! :) -Steve (June 10, 2006)

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