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Cruising Along On The Way To Jones Mountain

Mt. Princeton In Colorado

I treated myself to a big ol' breakfast burrito at Poncho's in Buena Vista this morning, and was on my way to the official "Colorado Seasons" spot along Cottonwood Pass Road. (You can see that photo here: Jones Mountain on August 22, 2006.) As I was cruising along Chaffee County Road 306, I decided to be creative by snapping all sorts of "while driving photos" of Mt. Princeton.

I took many interesting pictures that met quality standards for this web site, but I eventaully chose this one that includes the sign of the Comanche Drive-In Theater. Are you aware Buena Vista still has an operating drive-in movie theater that runs from Thursday to Tuesday nights during the summer time? Is that near or what? ;)

-Steve (August 22, 2006)

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