Mt. Princeton
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Mt. Princeton As Seen From The Overlook

Mt. Princeton

Today's photo was taken at the Collegiate Peaks Overlook, located east of Johnson Village, CO.

I had yet another problem with Qwest Communications this morning. I have not used their services for over two months and they had the nerve and/or incompetence to send me a bill for a blunder they made. If you live in the western states, I strongly do not recommend Qwest for phone, cable TV or Internet service. There are much better alternatives out there!

My recommendations: Web Hosting: and I use both to host my web sites. (I do not recommend and Both were terrible!) Domain Names: is very good. I do not recommend Internet Service: I really like Bresnan Communications so far and do not recommend Qwest. You've been warned!

-Steve (March 31, 2009)


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