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The Schoolhouse SW of Buena Vista, Colorado

Maxwell Park Schoolhouse

My creativity level has been low with recent Mt. Princeton pictures, and today is a good example. How many times have I photographed the Maxwell Park Schoolhouse on Rodeo Road? Probably seven or eight times since this web site began in 2006. Oh well, I just wanted to snap a picture and quickly update this web site. :)

Your prayers, encouragement or anything else are quite welcome as it related to my book writing project. I think I've "hit a wall" in the past few weeks. It has been difficult to write, concentrate, sit still, etc.

Oh ... but allow me to finish my entry on a positive note! On Saturday, I created a decent video and photo gallery from my visit to the St. Elmo Ghost Town. Check it out!

-Steve (February 24, 2009)

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