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Long Last... The Latest Mt. Princeton Picture!

Mt. Princeton

Above is a photo of Mt. Princeton I snapped yesterday morning. Yes, I am well aware that it has been eight days since my last update. No longer having Internet access at home has greatly limited me. To make matters worse, my laptop has had significant problems as well. Firstly, Windows would not open correctly, which forced me to reformat the entire computer. Then, over the weekend, my battery charger cord stop working... which meant once my laptop battery ran out of juice, I had no way to turn my laptop back on. Lots of chaos!

I am typing this at a good friend's house here in Buena Vista. Don't expect many updates right now. The money situation is tight but has gotten a little better in the past two weeks. I'm still open to moving. The book writing has come to a halt thanks to all these computer/Internet access obstacles. But you know what? I am blessed. Blessed indeed!

Some of the latest pages I've created: 2009 Drama Queen Day and Drive To Tarryall, CO.

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Oh! Lastly, I have been creating many videos. I encourage you to subscribe to my YouTube videos. How to do it: My YouTube video page is: Create an account (if you don't already have one) and subscribe. I'm 95% sure you are notified by e-mail whenever I upload a new video.

All the best, my friends! -Steve :) (February 13, 2009)

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