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Coming Down The Big Hill North Of Poncha Springs

Mt. Princeton

A local law enforcement officer and friend calls the hill north of Poncha Springs on Highway 285 "Devil's Hill." I just call it the "big hill." Either way, one has a grand view of the valley, pinion covered hills and the Sawatch Mountains. Mt. Antero can been seen on the left and Mt. Princeton is on the right.

In some personal news, I weigh 210 pounds - the heaviest I have ever been in my life. This is due to my lack of gym exercise for the past six weeks. I feel so fat and I am disgusted with myself. With cashflow slightly improving in the past few days, I re-signed my membership at a local gym and will be working out regularly throughout November. Enough is enough ... I've got to lose this weight!

-Steve (October 29, 2008)

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