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Cloudy September Day In Colorado

Mt. Princeton, CO

Today is my first full day back in Colorado after spending five weeks predominantly in New Jersey. It is good to be back! Among the highlights of the trip, I spent plenty of quality time with my family, attended my younger brother's wedding, toured Yankee Stadium (before it is torn down), visited Dunkin Donuts frequently and reached the highest points in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Delaware, Manhattan (New York) and Essex County, New Jersey.

I snapped the photo above as I stood stationary in my car on Chaffee County Road 306. I made the scenic drive to Cottonwood Pass in hopes of photographing some early fall foliage or perhaps snowfall as it was precipitating in the mountains. It was to no avail on either of those. No worries ... in time! :)

-Steve (September 10, 2008)

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