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The Beautiful View From Game Trail

Mt. Princeton, CO

Today's Mt. Princeton photo was taken this afternoon as Kent and I drove around the loftiest and hilliest neighborhoods in the Game Trail residential area. We drove as far as we could into the canyon of North Cottonwood Creek (that travels between Mt. Yale and Mt. Columbia) and we drove throughout Game Trail on our way out. It was a very cloudy day - my only regret is about the quality of the picture.

In other news, I twittered for the first time during a church service today. C'mon ... what would my web site be like without some levity now and then? :)

Lastly, I will be spending time with a couple of good guys at a cabin in the Sangre De Cristo Mountains. I leave on Monday afternoon and will return some time on Tuesday evening. I will not have any Internet access and doubt I will have cell phone service either.

-Steve (April 26, 2009)

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