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I Hit Pay Dirt! Last Night's Colorado Sunset

Mt. Princeton

There ya go! Last night's sunset over the Collegiate Peaks was a great one, and even though much of the color show was happening over Sheep Mountain and Deer Mountain (north of Mt. Princeton), the above photo is my best shot that included our beloved mountain. You can see all of my best photos from last night here: Sunset over the Rocky Mountains.

I have no idea what I will be doing this weekend. I'm considering taking a drive to St. Elmo, and with the weather being so nice, I might go for a bike ride. I will likely be writing more news articles about the crazy 2007 Hair Consultant election that is happening on my web site. So far, I think the craziest story has been the one about Phil and his negative campaigning. There was also an anti-Phil web site created in response: ;)

Have a wonderful and meaningful weekend, my friends! -Steve (March 17, 2007)

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