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After Two Long Days Of Colorado Snowfall

Mt. Princeton, Colorado

Yikes! It has been two weeks since my last Mt. Princeton photo entry. I was in New Jersey to be with family during Christmas last week, and these past two days I have been battling a fever. If I had felt well, I would not have had many places to go anyway, because it snowed always continually for the past two days. This latest snowstorm followed up after the major snowfall Colorado received on December 21-22, which shut down almost all of Denver including the Denver Airport. Amazingly, I flew out of Denver the morning of the day the blizzard conditions caused the entire airport was closed. How fortunate I was not to be stranded in that airport for a few days! :)

This morning, the sun has come back out and I snapped the photo above on the corridor just south of Colorado Mountain College and the Chaffee County Airport.

Some of my latest picture collections have been: My Younger Brother Mark's Music With Wine Glasses, His Other Instruments, the family Intellivision set (all from Christmas time) and Smoking a Cigar in Granite, Colorado. :)

-Steve (December 30, 2006)

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