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Smoking A Cigar At The Mt. Princeton Trailhead


Around Noon, I felt the urge to get out of my cabin and smoke a cigar at a landmark in Chaffee County. After driving around a bit, I arrived at the Mt. Princeton Trailhead parking lot and lit up my "grape cigar" that I purchased at the Loaf N Jug in Buena Vista. I am not sure if I alleviated my boredom, but I did come up with some scenic photos that can be seen here: Mt. Princeton Trailhead.

Remarkably, the Mt. Princeton summit can be seen in this photo! Similar to the view from the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs, the summit sits back to the right of Tigger Peak, the peak appearing larger and closer to the left.

I am not much of a cigar smoker, but on occasions smoking a cigar has helped contribute to the "Colorado experience" from time to time. Here are some picture collections with a cigar: Cottonwood Pass #1, Cottonwood Pass #2 and St. Elmo.

All the best, Steve (December 12, 2006)

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