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The Chalk Cliffs

Chalk Cliffs

2.5 miles south of Nathrop on the side of Highway 285, I snapped this shot of Mt. Princeton with the well-known Chalk Cliffs below. The Chalk Cliffs are comprised of a geological rock called kaolinite, which when it is in the area, is usually a sign that hot springs are nearby ... and they are! The Mt. Princeton Hot Springs is located at the mouth of Chalk Creek Canyon and offers some very amazing hot springs one can lay in right on Chalk Creek! This geological rock can also be found in parts of Cottonwood Canyon, particularly near Cottonwood Lake, which probably explains the existence of the Cottonwood Hot Springs west of Buena Vista.

Anyway, I was on my way back from Salida. I actually have a Wednesday morning radio show called The Colorado Coffee Club with a community radio station in Salida, 106.9 KHEN. I'm working on my radio skills. Presently I'm playing lots of 1980's tunes, but my long-term goal is to have my own entertaining talk show about interesting local Colorado issues. If I can get a shot of Mt. Princeton somehow from the radio station, perhaps I'll elaborate more about it. ;)

And just look how bright and clear this morning was! As a general rule, the Collegiate Peaks are usually best photographed in the morning, when the sun from the east is pointing at them. In the late afternoon and evening, the sun is generally behind the Collegiate Peaks, which can make picture-taking tricky!

-Steve (April 19, 2006)

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