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Chaffee County Road 270

Mt. Princeton

Wow! I did not realize how similar this photo is compared to yesterday's shot of Mt. Princeton. They were taken in different spots, although admittedly in the same general vicinity. I had just finished photographing Cascade Falls inside Chalk Creek Canyon, and as I was coming out I drove up a large hill on Chaffee County Road 270. I was standing right on the shoulder when I snapped this photo.

Oh do I have some good personal news! The web cam is up! I now have a web cam running live in my computer area and living room, and so if I am in front of the computer, you can see me! Check it out here: Steve's Web Cam.

I also bicycled this morning inside Chalk Creek Canyon. I started at the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs and peddled 6.2 miles uphill into the canyon until the pavement ended. It was a good little ride! :)

-Steve (July 16, 2006)

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