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Chaffee County Road 339

Mt. Princeton

Now here is an interesting shot of Mt. Princeton. I drove west on Chaffee County Road 339 (the dirt road of the drive in) and drove west for a mile or two. The "three humps" of Mt. Princeton look much flatter and pointier, and that's got to be because I was much closer to the mountain that I usually am.

So I spent all day Saturday and Sunday in Ouray and Telluride respectively. Wow! If you have never been down to the San Juan Mountain area of southwest Colorado, I highly suggest you visit. I have so many great photos, but I would say the highlight pictorials in Ouray are these two: Red Mountain Pass and Waterfalls in the San Juan Mountains.

Good-bye for now! I'm heading over to a BBQ at a friend's house! :)

-Steve (June 5, 2006)

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