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Searching For A Spot On Chaffee County Road 319

Mt. Princeton

I headed south on Chaffee County Road 319 (outside of Buena Vista and past the Chaffee County Airport and Colorado Mountain College) and was looking for a spot to take today's Mt. Princeton photo. I was searching for a view that had something semi-interesting in the foreground, and I wound up capturing this view with a barbed-wire fence in front. The junction of Chaffee County Road 319 and Maxwell Vista Road (inside the Mt. Princeton Estates neighborhood) was a short walk away from this spot.

Not much else is new today. I did give a bumper sticker to a local friend who agreed to put it on his truck. For what it's worth, if you agree to put a bumper sticker on your vehicle, I will be happy to send you one in the mail for free. ;)

-Steve (February 22, 2007)

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