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Chaffee County - Now This Is Colorado!

Mt. Princeton, Colorado

For awhile, the tourism motto for Chaffee County was: Chaffee County ... Now This Is Colorado! It's hard to deny you're in the heart of Colorado after gazing upon the towering Sawatch Range that runs north to south throughout the region!

Yesterday, while on the way to the Monarch Pass region (Monarch Pass Area Foliage, Old Monarch Pass), I pulled over on Highway 285 south of Nathrop and snapped this photo of Mt. Princeton. I really must give credit for this photo to the clear blue morning. ;)

The Chalk Cliffs are on the bottom left with orange-shaded foliage above. "Tigger Peak" is the peak in front and slightly to the left of the Mt. Princeton summit.

-Steve (September 18, 2006)

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