Mt. Princeton
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Hecla Junction At Browns Canyon - Mt. Princeton Photo

Browns Canyon, CO

It is rare that I do this, but the photo above was not taken today or yesterday. This photo was taken three weeks ago on Easter Sunday during my hike in Browns Canyon. I finally completed the "Day 4" page from my Chaffee County walk, and upon editing some of the mountain scenery photos, I wanted to display this picture. I think it is a good one of the mountain with the railroad tracks and Hecla Junction in the foreground.

This morning will be my first full day of quitting caffeine. Yes, I love coffee and there is nothing wrong with drinking decaffeinated coffee at times, but I am tired of feeling like a drug addict. Most of my recent mornings have been shot and I don't seem to "get going" until 1 p.m. It seems 1 to 7 in the afternoon is my sweet spot for writing and getting work done. Wish me the best as I take on life without caffeine. I look forward to being free!

-Steve (April 26, 2010)


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