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From My Bike Ride To Cottonwood Pass


Yeeeeeee! Today I biked from the Buena Vista traffic light all the way to the Cottonwood Pass Summit. You can see all of my photos of the trip here: Cottonwood Pass Bike Ride. Near the beginning of the ride, outside of Buena Vista, I snapped this morning photo of Mt. Princeton.

Now that Cottonwood Pass Road is open for the summer, I am feeling the inspiration to drive to Crested Butte tomorrow. I don't know what I'll do there, but I trust I will come up with some good photos to put on my Cottonwood Pass web site.

That's all for now. My body feels great and in tip-top shape, even though my muscles are sore. Boy, what I would do to have a live-in massage therapist in my dinky little cabin! ;) -Steve (May 26, 2006)

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