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The Last Mt. Princeton Photo For Quite Awhile

Mt. Princeton

This will be my last Mt. Princeton photo for about two months, my friends. On early Wednesday morning (January 30), I leave San Diego where I will begin my bicycling trip across America. The plan is to stand in the Pacific Ocean with my bike on the morning of February 1 and peddle east. You can read more about my trip with answers to common questions here: Because of this upcoming adventure, I obviously won't be around to snap pictures of Mt. Princeton. My suggestion, for the months of February and March, is to visit my other web sites related to the region: Scenic Buena Vista, Cottonwood Pass, St. Elmo and my personal web site known as Colorado Guy. My projected time to return will be somewhere around early April.

Today's Mt. Princeton photo was taken while standing on Chaffee County Road 301, between Johnson Village and the Fisherman's Bridge area of the Arkansas River. It looks like snow is coming today!

-Steve (January 27, 2008)

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