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My Friends Bernie, Kelly And Nick (September 2004)

Collegiate Peaks Overlook

Okay, now this is a very interesting Mt. Princeton shot, isn't it? Perhaps "distracting" is a better term to describe it, but ah, these are very good friends of mine.

In September 2004, while I was still living in Manitou Springs, Colorado (a small town just west of Colorado Springs), I had quite a few friends visit the area. One day I took Bernie, Kelly and Nick for a scenic drive to Aspen via Independence Pass, and of course, we pulled over at the Collegiate Peaks Overlook just west of Johnson Village.

Nick is my British friend and he has a really witty sense of humor. He's 100% British alright! Nick was doing some kind of "shazzam" motion for the camera, as Kansas Kelly (from Kansas) and Bernie (my childhood friend from New Jersey) looked on.

What a fun day we had! One thing I absolutely love is hosting people who are visiting Colorado from out of town. There's something about watching them awe over Colorado's beauty that heartens my soul, and prompts me to experience gratitude for living in such a wonderful region!

You are welcome to view all of the pictures of our road trip to Aspen if you like. I know this is not the greatest photo of Mt. Princeton, but hey, it's a sentimental one for me! -Steve :)

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