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No Mountain To Be Seen Today!

Bald Mountain, CO

Today is the second day of snowfall with stormy white clouds covering the Sawatch Mountains. According to the weather forecasts, we will be having three more days of snowfall which will mean FIVE DAYS IN A ROW OF SNOW!

This morning, my buddy Derrick and I journeyed to the summit of Bald Mountain, located southeast of Johnson Village and Buena Vista, and northeast-east of Nathrop. You can see my photos and video clip here: Bald Mountain.

As for the photo above, I was pointing toward Mt. Princeton. Now notice the small diagonal road to the left of the red star ... that is the one and only Chaffee County Road 327 that gained some notoriety with one of my riveting video clips! ;)

-Steve (December 13, 2008)

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