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The Arkansas River In Salida, Colorado

Arkansas River

In March 2006, I was walking around downtown Salida and photographed this spot on F Street. This main artery in downtown Salida reaches the Arkansas River with a bridge and dead-ends with a small parking lot and grand view of "S" Mountain. In the summer time, this is a very good spot to sit, relax and watch rafters and kayakers enjoy themselves on the Arkansas River.

And yes, this is the Arkansas River, which flows another 800 miles through eastern Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas before spilling into the Mississippi River. It is amazing to think of all of the great rivers of North America that begin in Colorado: the Arkansas River, Platte River, Rio Grande and Colorado River.

So that mountain in the background is Mt. Princeton. We're looking pretty much north from this spot and the Mt. Princeton summit is probably about 25 to 30 miles away.

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