Mt. Princeton
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The Arkansas River In Buena Vista, Colorado

I've been busy, stressed, distracted, (fill in the blank) lately ... enough that updating this site has gone by the wayside. My apologies!

We did get snow yesterday, and you can see my photos here. Mount Princeton was covered in clouds throughout the morning and early afternoon, and so I didn't get a shot of it today. Maybe tomorrow though.

Well, summer vacation season is almost here. The whitewater rafting companies are already giving raft runs down the Arkansas. A lot of people on my Facebook page are saying they'll be here in June and July. As for the video above, I made that this afternoon ... just a simple video showing what the Arkansas River is like in Buena Vista.

Oh and lastly, I am now selling some of my better Colorado images online. It should be interesting to see if they sell: Steve's Retail Photo Gallery. :)

-Steve (May 8, 2012) Make a Donation on Facebook


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