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Another Colorado April Snowstorm Hits Mt. Princeton

Mt. Princeton

This morning I took this picture of Mt. Princeton at the junction of Chaffee County Road 337 and Gregg Road, which is just west of the County Rodeo Grounds.

As you can see, there were some gnarly clouds hovering over Mt. Princeton. Actually, it began snowing very hard north and northwest of Buena Vista and Mt. Harvard was completely covered with darkish gray clouds.

Folks, this is how Colorado weather is in April. True, spring begins to rear its head now and then in the high country, but we typically receive quite a few snowstorms in March and April. The temperature when I took the photo above was just 27 degrees!

Anyway, it's usually during this time of year that I start thinking moving to Tucson, Arizona might be a wise move. ;) -Steve (April 6, 2006)

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