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Here is an interesting shot from my hike of Mt. Princeton in August 2004. Now the trail, once it comes off of Mt. Princeton Road, is pretty much a straight and long slight horizontal shot between the "left hump" and "center hump." Approximately a mile or two away from the summit, here is the view of the rocky area. Notice how small the hikers appear, which I marked with a lime green spot to the right of them! :)

That stretch on Mt. Princeton seemed like one of the longest stretches I have ever done in my life, and the thing is, Mt. Princeton is considered slightly below the "middle of the pack" in difficulty to hike. Other Colorado 14ers I have hiked have been Mt. Sherman, Pikes Peak, Mt. Democrat, Mt. Lincoln and Mt. Bross.

Anyway, enjoy the photo. It looks like my buddy in Woodland Park and I will be hiking Mt. Yale in either May or June. That would officially kick of 14er season for me. Being that this will be the first summer that I will be living in Buena Vista full-time, I really look forward to bagging quite a few peaks. Mt. Yale, Quandry Peak, Mt. Antero, Grays and Torreys Peak and La Plata Peak are the ones that come to mind first that I'd like to summit.

Have a great day! :) - Steve (Written April 15, 2006)

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